Our goal is to make a quality, classic and reasonably priced board without sacrificing the purity of the sport for an increase in profits. Our boards are all custom made, shaped by hand, and finished by the same shaper; we don't stick our logo and a signature on a factory product hot off the conveyer belt. We don't use space-age fibers, and you won't find a set of headlights molded into the nose of the board. However, you will find a board that has been exposed to time and meticulous treatment in the shop by the shaper - qualities that few other boards possess. Stain is used as opposed to paint, truly drawing out the grain and character of the wood. On request, we will also inlay specialty hardwood stringers (using walnut, cherry, purple heart, cocobolo, etc.) into the top of the deck. Our boards may not be the most high-tech, but compared to most others, the quality construction and classy style of our boards readily stand out as a superior product; they're the real thing. We cannot "sell" style or soul, but our aim is to fairly represent it in our products, our business and our conduct with the customer.