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"Man, I [really] love it. My car is getting a whole lot less use now. The flex
in it feels just right and gives a super cush ride. The design on the deck
is dope enough to let the old lady let me keep it in the living room
. I can
not say enough good things about this stick and I have been riding
skateboards for 18 years! Looking forward to getting an even longer one next

-Colby, Baton Rouge,LA (Sunday II 52" Custom Flames Design)

"I first came across Chris Rempel Longboards while searching for a new
longboard on ebay. As I browsed through the countless Big Name Prefab
boards out there with no real style, I saw a glimmer of hope as I came
to a few boards listed that were made by Chris. The classic style got
me hooked right away. I just now hoped that the quality was as good as
the look. I went on over to and looked at all the
awesome boards in the archive and current stock and saw that he custom
makes all his boards by hand. This got me excited right away.

I took a look at the current stock and saw that the board I wanted
with the design pattern I wanted was not available. But have no fear,
I emailed up Chris and he hooked me up with a Custom Sunday II with
the Malibu Stain and color of stain I wanted.

And for a custom board it didn't break my wallet, in-fact the boards
are very comparable in price to factory made high-end boards. This is great for
any custom quality product. And the best part was he ships anywhere.
Which means even though he was in Canada, I was able to get my board
here in California fairly quickly.

I now have my board. It by far is one of the most beautiful boards I
have seen. Not to mention the craftsmanship and quality of it. The
hand made feel is still intact but the quality and attention to detail
is very evident.
Not only is Chris a great guy as I found out over
many emails of longboard banter, but his work ethic and talent is seen
in the boards he crafts.

So now I am riding my board as I wait for my custom designed "Mauka"
Pintail to arrive. (Yes I had to order another one I liked this one
so much). I personally think overall, Chris has by far the best boards
you can get. They may not be as technically enhanced blah blah etc,
but sometimes getting back to the basics is what provides the best
ride. There is nothing better than riding a solid, flexible, hand
crafted wooden board with by far the best shapes and designs around.
You just can't beat that."

Edwin Tofslie, Mill Valley, CA (Sunday II 52" Malibu Classic Design)

"Sidewalk surfing is alive and kicking thanks to Chris Rempel. You won't
find his decks in every skate shop, but that's the root of their character:
handcrafted, understated, high-performance works of art. They're the best
boards you've never ridden. Get one."

Justin Williams, Old New Castle, Delaware (Pintail 48" Malibu Variation Design)

"The 52" board is a super smooth ride at any speed, really stable and easy to control. The length makes it a bit hard to do tight carves, but if you're looking for a great cruising board, this is it! Great design and craftsmanship...It definately attracts a lot of attention!"

Rick, Oakville, Ontario (Sunday II 52" Malibu Classic Tri-Stringer)

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