Our decks are in a league of their own. Our whole purpose is to simulate not only the feel, but also the style and attitude of longboard surfing. Every board is signed and stringered just like a surfboard. You can customize your deck to meet your preferences, although we've tried to cover all the bases for you. The Signature Series is our main line of both stained and hardwood inlaid boarrds. The Maui Series is our Hawaiian-style models, fitted with logos drawn up by a fellow rider in Hawaii. The Hardwood Series are highly-specialized boards made with exotic types of different hardwoods.
Go to the Price Guide for pricing information on Decks and Shipping. Go to the Current Stock Page to see available decks.
Hardware (wheels, trucks, bearing, etc) is available upon request.
Disclaimer: CR Longboards is NOT responsible for any injuries, accidents or adverse situations which may result from riding a longboard skateboard. CR Longboards encourages the use of helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, leather clothing and other personal protective gear. Skateboarding is a dangerous sport, and those who engage in riding can expect to get hurt at some point and time. CR Longboards warns riders to ride within their riding abilities and to have fun in a safe and controlled manner. CR Longboards is NOT responsible for faulty hardware, decks, or equipment, as the sport inflicts considerable stress on every aspect of the skateboard, and without proper maintenance, the equipment and/or parts involved WILL fail. CR Longboards encourages regular skateboard maintenance and up-keep.